Our school Vision

Growing Great Minds Together

We recently had an INSET day in school – two of them actually, where we worked diligently on our school vision, together with what we were going to do as a staff to help us realise and achieve it.

From that day there came many things as a staff we wanted for the children and community here at Layton Primary School. The best achievement possible; the highest standard of writers, children who love reading, great Scientists and Mathematicians.

We also wish to work as closely as possible with the community to achieve our vision, by which we mean not only our vitally important local community, but also our National and International community.

One of the things incredibly important to children in the future will also be ICT – Information and Communication technology. No doubt by the time Layton children reach working age, technology will have moved in enormously – maybe are current smartphones will look like bricks in comparison to the technology that is heading our way! We therefore thought that one of the most important skills children will need in the future is the skill of learning new things, unlearning old ideas, and the skills of learning itself – how we can learn most effectively.

Putting all these ideas together into an action plan is time consuming work! Rather than blog and provide details of our full action planning in all its detail, I made a video – which I hope allows parents to get a feel of our school – please feel free to comment and suggest things you feel are an important part of our vision.